'The Green Knight' will be available to stream August 18th for one night only

You can buy a ticket for $20.

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The Green Knight

The Green Knight, one of the best movies of the year, is currently only available to watch in theaters. However, there's some good news if you can't make it out to your local cinema. Distributor A24 plans to stream the film for one night only on August 18th, and you can purchase the $20 ticket to see The Green Knight starting today through the company's Screening Room website.

Once you buy a ticket, you'll have three ways to stream the movie. You can watch it on a web browser, via A24's Apple TV app or through the Roku app. Starting at 9PM, you'll have four hours to finish the film. We will also note that A24 only plans to stream The Green Knight on the 18th in the US.

The topic of simultaneous theatrical and online releases has been a complicated subject in Hollywood recently, with Disney's Black Window generating $60 million in streaming revenue for the company while at the same time leading to a legal spat with star Scarlett Johansson. With no foreseeable conclusion to the pandemic, we're likely to see more companies like A24 try out different distribution strategies.

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'The Green Knight' will be available to stream August 18th for one night only