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The Instant Pot Vortex Plus air fryer is on sale for $80 in an Amazon Black Friday deal

This Black Friday sale knocks 33 percent off one of our favorite air fryers.


If you’ve been patiently eyeing an air fryer, one of Engadget’s favorite models is on sale right now. Amazon has discounted the Instant Vortex Plus. Thanks to a 33 percent discount, the small appliance is $80 through the end of the weekend. Normally, the 6-quart model costs around $200, with the current price reflecting a new all-time low for the Vortex Plus.

The Instant Vortex Plus is the sibling of one of Engadget's favorite air fryers. It features a intuitive controls, an easy-to-clean basket and enough internal capacity to cook four chicken thighs. 

$80 at Amazon
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$94 at Walmart$120 at Kohl's

If you’ve ever been around a kitchen, Instant needs no introduction. The brand is responsible for the very popular line of Instant Pot pressure cookers, and as it just so happens, it also makes an excellent air fryer. In fact, Engadget considers the Vortex Plus as the best model for most people. It features intuitive controls, an easy-to-clean basket, and enough internal capacity to cook four chicken thighs. The Vortex Plus is also versatile. On top of a fry setting, it includes five other cooking modes: roast, broil, bake, reheat and dehydrate. Best of all, it’s fast and doesn’t need much time to preheat.

The model Amazon has discounted is missing the OdorErase feature found on Engadget’s top pick. As the name suggests, Instant claims OdorErase lessens the strength of cooking smells when the Vortex Plus is working. In our testing, OdorErase didn’t completely eliminate all smells, but it did help the appliance produce less smoke. It’s a nice feature to have, but for $80, it’s hard to complain about omissions when the Vortex Plus offers such great performance.

I know what you’re thinking, does anyone really need another small appliance in their kitchen. For what it’s worth, I use the air fryer I bought earlier this year almost every day. It’s great for roasting perfectly crisp vegetables in about half the time required with a conventional oven. I also appreciate how easy the included basket makes cleanup.

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