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The latest Yoto Player features stereo audio and a room thermometer

The audio player for kids has received several other upgrades.


Yoto has revealed its latest audio playback device for kids. The third-generation Yoto Player includes a slew of upgrades and improvements, according to the company. For one thing, it will play music, audiobooks and podcasts with the help of acoustically engineered stereo audio.

The device has a battery that will last three times as long as the one in the previous model, Yoto claims. There are USB-C fast charging and wireless charging options as well. The third-gen Yoto Player has 32GB of storage, which will enable users to save more than 600 hours of content for offline use.

The pixel display, seven-color night light and WiFi connectivity have all been upgraded. The device has a durable case that should help protect it against daily rough and tumble, Yoto says. The Yoto Player also has a built-in sleep timer and alarms.

A person presses a button on a Yoto Player, which is displaying the time and a pixellated image of a sun that's partially obscured by clouds.

Last but by no means least, Yoto has incorporated a room thermometer this time around. The company notes that parents can monitor temperatures from the Yoto App. They may receive notifications if their baby's room starts to get too hot or cold for comfort.

The third-gen Yoto Player will be available on June 15th. It costs $120.