The Lectric XP Lite is a folding e-bike with a low price

It weighs 46 pounds and can hit speeds up to 20 MPH.


Lectric already has a good reputation for delivering solid electric bikes at budget prices, thanks to models like the $1,000 XP 2.0. Now, it has taken that to a new level with the launch of the Lectric XP Lite. It's a 46 pound folding e-bike with a 48 volt electrical system that can hit speeds of 20 MPH, and costs just $800.

To get the price down to that level, Electric reduced the battery size from 9.6Ah (461Wh) on the XP 2.0 to 7.8Ah (375Wh). It also has smaller, narrower wheels than the XP 2.0 and lacks its 7-speed gearshift and front suspension.

Still, Lectric claims you'll get 40 miles of autonomy, just five miles less than the XP 2.0, though that'll require a lot of pedaling as range drops to 15 miles with the throttle only. Speed-wise, it can hit up to 20 MPH with pedal assist or throttle, compared to 28 MPH for the XP 2.0

It's got the same style of folding frame that lets you get it down to a portable size (36x16x26 inches) for travel or storage, and at 46 pounds, it's very light for a foldable e-bike. It can use many of the same accessories as the XP 2.0, including the racks, baskets, lights, comfort package and more.

Other features include an easily swappable battery compartment, twist throttle, backlit LCD display with a large readout, 160mm disc brakes, integrated front/rear lights and IP65 water resistance. It's also what the company calls its "most customizable e-bike to date" with four color options (Arctic White, Midnight Black, Lectric Blue, and Sandstorm) and three accessory package options at $99 each (Carry, Commuter and Comfort).

Lectric gave first ride on the new model to Electrek, which has tested the company's previous models like the XP 2.0 in the past. It noted that a lot of bikes in the $500-$800 category are "junk," but called the XP Lite "a quality offering at a super low price." As mentioned, Lectric's XP Lite e-bike costs $799 without accessories and is now available to order.

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