Dual-reality horror game 'The Medium' arrives on December 10th

It's coming to PC, Xbox Series X and S.

Bloober Team

We finally have a release date for The Medium, the next spooky game by Layers of Fear and Blair Witch developer Bloober Team. A new trailer, which shows some unsettling environments inspired by Polish artist Zdzisław Beksińsk, ends with confirmation that the game will be out on December 10th. The title revolves around Marianne, a medium who can slide between our world and a spiritual plane which is structurally similar but chock-full of creepy objects. You'll need to switch between the environments and, thanks to some clever button mapping, occasionally explore both simultaneously to solve particularly tricky puzzles.

As Eurogamer reports, The Medium was originally announced back in 2012. The "dual-reality" concept wasn't possible on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U, however, so the developer shelved the idea temporarily. Now, thanks to modern gaming hardware, Bloober Team is able to render "two fully-fledged and visually distinct worlds simultaneously with no visible loading times," lead designer Wojciech Piejko explained in a blog post earlier this year. The title will be exclusive to the Xbox Series S and X on console and playable at launch via Game Pass. PC players will also be able to pick it up via Steam, the Epic Games Store and Microsoft's store.