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The Meta Quest 2 VR headset is still on sale in an Amazon Black Friday deal

Amazon is now also throwing in a $50 gift credit toward future purchases.


Good things come to those who wait, and if you decided to hold off on buying the Meta Quest 2 when it was discounted by $50 as part of Amazon’s early Black Friday sale, your patience is about to be rewarded. Now that Black Friday has come and gone, not only is the headset still on sale for $249, but Amazon is also throwing in a $50 credit toward future purchases. To claim the credit, tap the “Redeem” button below the product price. Once you go to pay for the Quest 2, a message will appear explaining that the coupon will arrive in your email inbox within 24 hours of Amazon shipping the headset to you.

It may not be the best VR headset on the market, but the Meta Quest 2 offers plenty of value, especially when it's discount by $50.  

$249 at Amazon

Although the Quest 2 is a few years old now, it’s still one of the best VR headsets on the market, and for good reason. Although its successor, the Quest 3, arrived earlier this fall, the new model starts at $500. In fact, most other VR solutions cost about that much. What’s more, the Quest 2 remains capable, thanks to its 6GB of RAM and Snapdragon XR2 processor. And although it could offer a wider field of view, the Quest 2 still features a decent display, with the headset’s two LCD screens producing a resolution of 1,832 x 1,920 per eye and refreshing at a smooth 90Hz. Best of all, the Quest 2 is one of the comfortable VR headsets on account of it being completely cordless.

As for games and experiences, the Quest Store has one of the strongest libraries in the business, and it’s even possible to connect the Quest 2 to a PC to play medium-defining titles like Half-Life: Alyx. Add the headset's excellent motion controls, and at $249, the Quest 2 is the best value in VR. An extra $50 gift only sweetens the deal.

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