The Morning After: Amazon bets $4 billion on an OpenAI rival

Anthropic built the Claude 2 AI chatbot.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Amazon’s bid for AI glory is in the billions. It’s investing up to $4 billion in OpenAI rival Anthropic to provide advanced deep learning and other services for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. Google has already invested $400 million in the company, which was founded by former OpenAI executives.

Anthropic recently unveiled its first consumer-facing chatbot Claude 2, accessible by subscription much like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The Claude Constitutional AI system is guided by 10 “foundational” principles of fairness and autonomy and is supposed to be harder to trick than other AI. Anthropic is already working on a chatbot it calls Claude-Next, which is supposed to be 10 times more powerful than any current AI.

But it’ll have to impress if it wants to supplant OpenAI’s dominance, at least in the public’s eye. OpenAI’s ultra-popular ChatGPT chatbot is the one to beat, while its DALL-E image generation service has gained even more traction through its hooks into Microsoft’s Bing search.

— Mat Smith


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