The Morning After: Apple addresses iPhone 15 overheating issues

It blamed it on an iOS 17 bug and certain third-party apps.


Apple has acknowledged its new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro can get uncomfortably hot. The company said background activity, an iOS 17 bug and third-party apps were the cause, with some apps, like Instagram, already updated not to make the newest iPhones sweat.

Everyone loves to have opinions on why the newest iPhones aren’t working like they should, with some people blaming the new titanium body. Apple told MacRumors that the design actually provides better heat dissipation than previous stainless steel models. Similarly, the company says the issue isn’t connected to its new A1 Pro chop, nor high-power chargers and the new USB-C connector.

My iPhone 15 Pro ran pretty hot the first few days, pulling down all my apps, games and music library, but it’s evened out more recently. Others are still waiting on a fix.

— Mat Smith

Humane’s futuristic wearable revealed at Paris Fashion Week

As seen on Naomi Campbell, it has a mini-projector and camera.


Humane is a startup founded by ex-Apple executives. It’s working on a device called the Ai Pin, which uses projectors, cameras and AI tech as a sort of wearable AI assistant. The company unveiled the Ai Pin at a Paris fashion show (Humane x Coperni), attached to Naomi Campbell, who is the first person outside of the company to wear the device in public. The company describes the device as a “screenless, standalone device and software platform built from the ground up for AI.” Other information is less clear, like how the device connects to the internet, as it doesn’t pair with a smartphone. We’ll learn more when it’s fully unveiled on November 9.

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It’s not Tom Hanks in that dental ad, and he’s not happy about it

Hanks called out the ad for using an AI likeness of him.

An ad reportedly used a deepfake of Tom Hanks to promote dental plans without the actor’s permission. Hanks shared a warning on Instagram on Sunday about the AI-generated video, which he wrote he had “nothing to do with.” Hanks has been outspoken about the challenges AI poses for the industry, and the use of actors’ digital likenesses is one of the major points of concern voiced by striking SAG-AFTRA workers. The use of AI to capitalize on celebrities’ legacies has already become an ethical issue. Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain sparked widespread debate after it was revealed the documentary contained AI-generated voiceovers of Bourdain.

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Watch the star-studded trailer for cyberattack thriller Leave the World Behind

From the creators of Mr. Robot.


Leave the World Behind is a dual-release Netflix film that hits theaters on November 22 and the streaming service on December 8. It stars Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali and Kevin Bacon, which is a whole lot of star power. The movie continues Netflix’s recent dual-release strategy as seen with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Marriage Story, The Irishman and other high-profile features. It also ensures these movies are eligible for award season.

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