The Morning After: Apple’s next iPhone event is next week

And Hyundai is still betting on fuel cells.


I thought BMW’s bizarre crystal sculpture car dash was going to be the weirdest vehicle of the week, but Hyundai thought otherwise. Not only does it involve next-gen fuel cell technology — a car fuel system that’s struggled in the face of EVs — but it also introduces Trailer Drone to the world. This cab-less "hydrogen-powered container transportation system” can apparently function entirely autonomously, according to Hyundai.

Morning After

On arrival, the trailer could automatically unload itself by lifting on to legs, yes like a real-life Transformer, while the e-Bogie driving frame below dashes off to its next task. And yet, I think betting on hydrogen fuel cell tech still seems the most outlandish part, at least right now.

— Mat Smith

It’s time for the next iPhone event

September 14th.

Apple has announced a "California Streaming" event on September 14th at 1 PM ET. The invitation doesn't offer many clues, but there are already plenty of rumors about what you can expect for the new iPhone, updated Apple Watch. Those have so far included a smaller notch, an always-on display and improved cameras across the line. We might also get new ultra-wide sensors and more camera stabilization. It would include the seemingly obligatory chip upgrade and a slightly larger battery. That last one would be music to my ears.

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Four new iPhones are on their way, according to FCC filing


An FCC filing for a revised MagSafe charger, spotted by MacRumors and 9to5Mac, suggests four "New Phone" items will work with it, alongside last year’s iPhone 12 family.

Unfortunately, this FCC filing doesn't identify the four "New Phone" items it used for testing, but it's very much possible they're the current generation's direct successors, meaning the iPhone mini — my favorite — gets another shot at glory.

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Impossible's plant-based nuggets are now available in select restaurants

It'll be in a few restaurants this week and in grocery stores later this month.

Impossible Foods’ plant-based “chicken” nuggets are now available to buy and gorge on. Mostly made of soy protein and sunflower oil, the Impossible Chicken Nuggets will initially be available in select restaurants across the country, and then sold in grocery stores in the frozen aisle later this month.

Notable restaurants that will be serving them include David Chang’s Fuku in New York City, Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster in Harlem and Miami, Sean Brock’s Joyland in Nashville, Tal Ronnen’s Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles.

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'The Matrix Resurrections' teasers keep changing with different clips from the film

It’s like a trailer, but on shuffle.

The Morning After
Warner Bros.

Ahead of September 9th, when the first full trailer for The Matrix Resurrections is set to appear, Warner Bros. has launched a teaser for the upcoming film. The website,, offers a first look at Neo's latest adventure.

In a call back to the first film, you'll see a red and blue pill on the screen when you first visit the website. Each offers a different narration of several cuts from the movie. But, refresh the site and you get a different barrage of clips and cuts. Time to start sleuthing.

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Don’t you want a rideable robot unicorn?

Just like a unicorn, it doesn't exist. Yet.

The Morning After

Chinese EV maker Xpeng has teased a robot unicorn for children to ride. As SCMP notes, the quadruped will take advantage of Xpeng's experience with autonomous driving and other AI tasks to navigate multiple terrain types, recognize objects and provide "emotional interaction."

The company is shy on most other details, but the design looks and trots like a cuter, more kid-friendly version of Boston Robotics' Spot. It's about as tall as a child, which I read as meaning I won’t be able to ride it.

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