The Morning After: Final 'Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom' trailer showcases Link's allies

Plus robots and a familiar villain.


Nintendo shared one last trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom before it launches on May 12th. It teases the whole Hyrule world – including the floating island – as well as Link's allies, who will fight alongside him. The plot is typical Zelda fare: You have to find the princess and defeat Ganon. But the fused weapons and vehicles both seem to be major parts of how the game will play. You can even build a robot to take on enemies that have their own battle platform. Robot Wars, but make it Zelda?

– Mat Smith

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PBS has also quit Twitter over its 'government-funded media' label

Fellow public broadcaster NPR said this week it would stop tweeting.

PBS has halted its use of the platform. The organization hasn't posted on its Twitter account since April 8th. Both PBS and NPR claim the label, which previously read "state-affiliated media," doesn't represent them accurately. Twitter previously reserved such labels for state-run outlets, like China's Xinhua News Agency and Russia's RT and Sputnik.

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How to choose the best pizza oven

What you need to look for when shopping for one.

Small outdoor pizza ovens have become popular for backyard cooking in recent years. While anyone with a decent-sized patio could install a permanent one, these versatile products are more compact and store easily in a bag when you’re not using them. That makes them great if you have limited outdoor space. Alongside what to look for, we’ve separated outdoor and indoor pizza ovens – so everyone gets pizza in 2023.

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ASUS' ROG Phone 7 uses AI to automatically record your wins and losses

The new external cooler doubles as a subwoofer.


For someone (and some reason), ASUS continues to create its pro-gamer ROG phones. Once again, they wouldn’t look out of place beside keyboards, gaming mice and beefy gaming laptops. The ROG Phone 7 series, this time, incorporates AI for automatic gaming capture. The new clip-on cooler also now doubles as a subwoofer for even… louder gaming. In Taiwan and Europe, you can pre-order select models in the ROG Phone 7 series starting today. ASUS has confirmed the ROG Phone 7 series will eventually launch in the US.

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Researchers used machine learning to improve the first photo of a black hole

The photo algorithm was trained on over 30,000 black hole simulations.

Lia Medeiros / Institute for Advanced Study

Researchers have used machine learning to tighten up a previously released image of a black hole. As a result, in a report published today in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, the portrait of the black hole at the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, over 53 million light years away from Earth, shows a thinner ring of light and matter surrounding its center. They used PRIMO, “a novel dictionary-learning-based algorithm” that learns to “recover high-fidelity images even in the presence of sparse coverage” by training on generated simulations of over 30,000 black holes. It’s an impressive new use of AI, even if the result isn’t particularly visually stunning. And don't get any ideas, Samsung...

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