The Morning After: Get ready for a lot of Disney+ news

Starting with a trial discount.

Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Disney+ Day approaches, but it seems more like a week than a standalone day. The streaming service appears to have lots to reveal this week, kicking off with a discount $2 month for new sign-ups, or it seems, anyone who returns to the fold.

And some breaking news: You can also expect to see Shang-Chi and an array of Marvel movies in movie-theater style large IMAX proportions. The 1.90:1 IMAX aspect ratio will look up to 26 percent taller than the typical 2.35:1 widescreen format in Marvel films, so those annoying black bars will almost disappear while you're watching scenes shot in IMAX. It’s not properly IMAX, which is so square it has enormous black bars on the sides of your TV — see Zack Snyder's Justice League for how that goes.

Shang-Chi will come to the service on November 12th, along with 12 other IMAX-enhanced Marvel movies on. Also expect to see a new take on Home Alone, Jungle Cruise and more arriving soon.

— Mat Smith

Google blames Pixel 6’s slow fingerprint reader on ‘enhanced security’

Not sure what to think about that.

As a Pixel 6 user, yes, I find the fingerprint reader slow. (It’s otherwise a pretty incredible phone). Google is now telling users the Pixel 6's fingerprint reader is using "enhanced security algorithms" that may either take longer to check your digits or require better sensor contact.

Google hasn't elaborated on its statement. Some users believe the sluggish performance might be due to Google's use of an optical under-display fingerprint reader instead of the ultrasonic sensor in phones like the Galaxy S21, which is very fast at recognizing your fingertips. However, several Reddit users noted there are phones with optical sensors that perform faster.

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'Arcane' is a new breed of mature animation for the Netflix gaming crowd

‘League of Legends’ has never looked so good.

The Morning After

In League of Legends lore, Vi and Jinx are bitter rivals, but in Arcane, they start off as sisters with a deep, true love for one another. This new mature animation, which launched on Netflix this weekend, offers a deeper glimpse into the universe of LoL. And it looks amazing.

Sadly, you’ll have to wait for episode four, which lands November 13th.

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The next Galaxy S might have space for an S-Pen

Not a Galaxy Note?

The Morning After
Front Page Tech

A leaked picture purporting to be the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a stylus holster. Front Page Tech has obtained photos of what it claims are the first live photos of the (apparently finished) S22 Ultra, and it's effectively the new Galaxy Note. There's an S-Pen, a slot to hold the stylus and even a less-rounded body, reminiscent of Notes past.

There’s also an awful lot of camera sensors on the back. Is that five separate lenses?

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Netflix will supposedly make iOS games available through the App Store

The company's app might only serve as a gaming gateway.

Now Netflix is offering mobile games on Android, how will iOS players fare? According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman (with help from developer Steve Moser), code suggests Netflix would release all its games "individually" on iOS, through the App Store. They may not be downloadable and playable within the app.

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The best gifts for the coffee nerd in your life

From insulated mugs to cold brew kits.

The Morning After

I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, so this is a struggle to write. If you’re similarly tied to all things beans, presses and water temperature, we’ve got some gift ideas.

BRB, I need to make a Monday morning vat of cold brew.

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