The Morning After: Is the M3 iMac worth it?

Plus, NASA's communication breakdown and 2024's iPads.

Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Unlike many of my peers, I prefer desktops to laptops, so I’m always excited when a new iMac rolls off the production line. I’ve had my eye on one for a while, especially now it’s packing an M3 chip with all the power that promises. Sadly for me and other desktop lovers, while Nathan Ingraham’s got plenty of compliments for the new iMac, it’s not all great.

On one hand, he praises the power of the M3, the elegant and clutter-free design and the ease of portability. But that’s paired with the feeling the base model has been hobbled to force users into spending more than they expected. Apple’s always stingy with RAM, but that feeling of being nickel-and-dimed extends to paying more for TouchID, gigabit ethernet and more USB ports.

It’s indicative of the iMac’s price and how it’s positioned that Nathan’s conclusion is to buy a Mac Mini and external display instead. You might lose the clutter-free environment on your desk, but you’ll get significantly more computer for the same amount of cash.

— Dan Cooper

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