The Morning After: Sony’s smaller PS5 has a detachable disc drive.

The PS5 Slim era is already here?


Somehow, it’s already time for remodeled current-generation consoles. A new PS5 model has the same horsepower, but its detachable drive means you can buy the Digital Edition and add the drive later as an $80 accessory. Sony has also increased internal storage to a 1TB SSD, which should be more forgiving than the original’s 670GB of accessible storage on an 825GB drive... but not by much.


Improvements go beyond the detachable disc drive. It apparently runs 30 percent quieter and is roughly 20 percent lighter. The new design uses four cover panels (the top is glossy and the sides are matte). Both models include a horizontal stand, but there will eventually be a vertical option too. The Digital Edition will cost $450, and it’s $500 for the model with the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc drive. The new PS5s will start shipping in November in the US, and Sony says it will roll out globally in the following months.

— Mat Smith

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