The Morning After: Tesla jailbreak could enable Full Self-Driving for free

Plus, PC gaming handhelds get better and the benefits of the fediverse.

Loren Elliott via Getty Images

Security researchers believe they have found a hardware exploit to unlock upgrades to a Tesla that normally require plenty of extra cash. By messing with the voltage of the infotainment system, they were able to inject their code, bypassing its normal security. That enabled them to access personal data, including GPS tracking and call logs, as well as the car’s encryption key. That, the researchers claim, could be the key to unlocking paywalled features, like the mode known as Full Self-Driving, which you presently have to pay extra to use.

That’s not the only slice of bad news on Tesla’s breakfast plate today; it also stands accused of fraud. A recent Reuters expose alleges the car company was far too generous with its range estimates, and that it had quietly set up a team to stymie range-related complaints. In the wake of that report, three Californians have proposed a class action lawsuit accusing Tesla of false advertising. If successful, the lawsuit will cover every Tesla owner in the state, which wouldn’t be as much of a problem if California hadn’t taken the EV company to its heart.

– Daniel Cooper

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The Ayaneo 2S is the company's best gaming handheld, until the next one

ASUS’ ROG Ally might have already been dethroned as the best Steam Deck competitor.

Image of the Ayaneo 2S PC gaming handheld on a grey wooden tabletop.
Photo by James Trew / Engadget

The Steam Deck’s blend of power, portability and price gave new life to PC gaming handhelds, traditionally a niche within a niche. The latest kid on the block is Ayaneo’s 2S, which has just spent the last few weeks in James Trew’s firm grip while he put it through its paces. It may be more expensive than its nearest competitors, but the improved features more than make up for it. You’ll have to read the full review to learn all about the changes, but it might be time to tweak what you’re asking for on your birthday list.

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Why Baldur’s Gate III is an accidental PS5 console exclusive

At least, it is for now.

Baldur’s Gate III will arrive on the PlayStation 5 on September 6, but there’s no word yet on when the title will hit the Xbox. That’s because developers Larian Studios are struggling to make the new game work for both the (powerful) Series X and (not so powerful) Series S. Until it can, the game will remain a PS5 exclusive, with developers blaming Microsoft’s insistence on feature parity for the two consoles. But I think it’s pretty gratifying that Microsoft is looking out for gamers who might not have the cash to spend big on a flagship system.

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Is decentralization the future of social media?

The Musk-ization of Twitter might have sparked a revolution.

X/Twitter’s implosion has created a surge of interest in alternative platforms less easily destroyed on a billionaire’s whim. Mastodon is the standard bearer for the fediverse, a decentralized network of independent servers that embrace the early web’s DIY ethos. But even Threads, Meta’s not-quite Twitter-killer, has pledged to leverage the fediverse’s open protocols. If you want to learn more, read Karissa Bell’s excellent deep dive into decentralization, federation and why you should care about this sort of thing.

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Nintendo sees record first quarter profit thanks to Zelda and the Mario movie

18.51 million copies of Tears of the Kingdom have been sold since May.

Nintendo knows a thing or two about creating an experience you’ll enjoy enough to pay top dollar for. It’s reporting record profits in its first quarter on the back of both The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The former is the first movie this year to break the one billion mark, while Tears of the Kingdom has sold a whopping 18.5 million copies since it launched in May.

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Patreon is fixing canceled payments and inaccessible funds for creators

It comes after several creators reported massive drops in income.

Patreon says it has fixed an issue that caused several high-profile creators to report massive drops in income. It appears a billing address being moved to Dublin caused a large number of transactions to be flagged as fraudulent. The company told Engadget it was working with its payment processing partners to resolve the issue and believes the currently broken patron accounts will be restored in due course.

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