The Morning After: The Amazon Prime Day deals worth your time and money

There are Kindles and Alexa hardware, of course.

Billy Steele/Engadget

It’s back and here to ruin our savings and increase the gadgets in our homes. Yes, Amazon Prime Day isn’t entirely about headphones, tablets and wearables, but for Engadget staff… well, it feels like it is. Prime Day deals on tech are typically only matched by Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, making it a good time to pick up any devices you want – at a discount.

In the past, the best devices often weren’t given the Prime Day discount treatment, but this year has several things I not only bought myself but have recommended to friends and family. That includes $50 off the second-generation AirPods Pro (literally using them as I write this newsletter), last year’s Kindle e-reader, down from $100 to $65 and, my pick for the best smartphone under $500, the Google Pixel 7a, now a dollar shy of $450.

Our editors are looking out for subsequent bargains, as things have only just started. You can also follow Engadget Deals on Twitter for the latest news, and sign up for Engadget Deals newsletter – because you’re already subscribed to TMA, right?

– Mat Smith


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Sarah Silverman sues ChatGPT owners and Meta over copyright infringement

The comedian alleges the companies didn't get her consent to use her work.


Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT, and Meta. On Friday, the comedian and author, alongside novelists Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey, filed a pair of complaints against both companies. The complaints center around the datasets OpenAI and Meta allegedly used to train ChatGPT and LLaMA. In the case of OpenAI, while its Books1 dataset conforms approximately to the size of Project Gutenberg — a well-known copyright-free book repository — lawyers argue the Books2 dataset is too large to have derived from anywhere other than "shadow libraries" of illegally available copyrighted material. In one exhibit from the lawsuit, Silverman’s legal team asked the chatbot to summarize The Bedwetter, a memoir she published in 2010. The chatbot could not only outline entire parts of the book but also appeared to reproduce some passages verbatim.

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Google is testing its medical AI chatbot at the Mayo Clinic

Med-PaLM 2 can respond to medical questions, summarize documents and more.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is already testing its Med-PaLM 2 AI chat technology at the Mayo Clinic and other hospitals. It's based on the company's PaLM 2 large language model (LLM) that underpins Bard, Google's ChatGPT rival — and was launched just months ago at Google I/O.

During I/O, Google released a paper detailing its work on Med-PaLM2. On the positive side, it demonstrated features like "alignment with medical consensus," reasoning ability and even the ability to generate answers preferred by respondents over physician-generated responses. Less ideally, it showed the same accuracy problems we've seen on other Chat AI models – not what you’re looking for when in medical advice.

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This EV is basically an RC car, supersized

It can go over 60 MPH, costs $45k and will be street-legal in Europe.

The Little Car Company

UK-based The Little Car Company has built an adult-sized version of the Tamiya Wild One RC car, a toy that took the toy world by storm back in the 1980s. This is a fully electric vehicle with eight swappable battery packs that give an advertised 124 miles of range. The Tamiya Wild One Max was originally announced back in 2021, but the design has changed significantly since then. It’s bigger, more powerful and, of course, more expensive, as the original design was set to cost around $8,500. The new design also features a revised front suspension system, an interior for two occupants and a weight of 1,100 pounds.

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