The Morning After: First look at the transparent Nothing phone

Parrot sold separately.


As suspected, the first phone from Nothing — Carl Pei’s new company — is going all in on the transparent gadget look. This seems to be Nothing’s design aesthetic, matching its wireless ear(1) headphones from last year.

According to snippets of video from an event at Art Basel, where the phone was revealed (inside a box), segments of the back of the phone will even light up. This could just be a decorative gimmick, but Nothing’s narrative has been pushing intentional design choice — so it probably ties into notifications or something else I can’t quite imagine this early in the morning.

For now, the company is keeping the finer specifications (and crucial details like pricing and availability) under wraps, but Nothing says it’ll reveal everything in July.

—Mat Smith

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Nreal users can now play some Steam games on their augmented reality glasses. A beta version of "Steam on Nreal" gives users a way to stream games from their PC to their AR eyewear. Nreal admits that installing the beta release will require a bit of effort to set up, and the current version is not optimized for all Steam games just yet. It will work on both Nreal Light and Nreal Air models, though, and it already supports some popular games, including the Halo series.

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Elon Musk tries to wriggle out of SEC deal to have lawyers approve his tweets

He's appealing a ruling that upheld the 2018 agreement.

Musk has filed an appeal against a judge's decision not to let him out of an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which requires him to have lawyers review some of his tweets.

Musk's pact with the SEC stems from an infamous 2018 incident in which he tweeted that he had "funding secured" to make Tesla a private company, though that allegedly wasn't the case. The SEC laid securities fraud charges against Musk, who has not deleted the tweet in question nearly four years later.

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YouTube Shorts has over 1.5 billion monthly users

The TikTok rival apparently boosts viewers for full-length videos, too.

YouTube has hinted that Shorts are doing well, but it's now clear just what that means. The company says its mini-video clip service now has over 1.5 billion active, signed-in monthly users. It’s impressive: Arch-nemesis TikTok had racked up 1 billion monthly users as of September 2021 despite being around for considerably longer — and serving as a very obvious… inspiration for Shorts.

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'Self-driving' cars were linked to 392 crashes in 10 months

Tesla cars were involved in 70 percent of the incidents.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its first batch of data for semi-autonomous driving technology. The agency linked 392 crashes to partial self-driving and driver assistance systems in the 10 months between July 1st, 2021 and May 15th, 2022. About 70 percent of those — 273 —, were Tesla vehicles using Autopilot or the Full Self-Driving beta. Honda cars were tied to 90 incidents, while Subaru models were involved in 10.

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