The Morning After: What to expect at Google I/O 2024

Gemini, Android 15 and more.

Photo by Cherlynn Low / Engadget

Google’s big developer showcase, encompassing software, hardware and all its consumer AI projects, is fast approaching. Google I/O’s opening keynote is on May 14, and we’ve got a good guess on what you can expect.

To begin, Android 15’s first beta is already out. We know there will be enhanced privacy features, partial screen sharing and system-level app archiving. But they’re not the most thrilling updates — hopefully, Google has some spicy features in its back pocket. Redesign something!

AI-wise, lots of stuff. Gemini AI is now firmly established, but what about an AI assistant? Reportedly, Pixie, as it’s currently called, could debut on the Pixel 9. We’re also expecting the company to ramp up its generative AI — but where will it start? More editing features in Google Photos? More text help in Google Docs? Something AI with Google Maps?

What about a new Pixel phone? Traditionally, those appear in the fall, but what about a Pixel 8a? Maybe.

Before all that, we’ve got an iPad event in just a few hours today. Make sure to watch and read along here on Engadget.

— Mat Smith

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