The Morning After: X sues X

The rebranded Twitter faces the first lawsuit over its new name.


A Florida-based company called X Social Media has accused Elon Musk’s X Corp. of trademark and service mark infringement. With SpaceX, AI venture xAI (not to mention the brief existence of banking startup, Musk really loves the letter X. At the time of the renaming, trademark attorney Josh Gerben told Reuters there was “about a 100 percent probability that both opportunistic and legitimate plaintiffs will sue Twitter/X over the new name.” Conveniently, Gerben’s law firm is representing the plaintiff in this case.

X Social Media says it’s “offered its advertising and social media services connecting law firms and those in need of advocates since 2016.” While its logo looks vastly different from the logo used by the social network formerly known as Twitter, it apparently “frequently emphasizes the ‘X’ portion of its mark throughout its advertising.” The plaintiff told the court it has already suffered losses in revenue due to Twitter’s rebranding and that the confusion will probably continue to its “financial detriment.”

It’s now asking the court for an injunction against Musk’s X, asking for damages equivalent to three times its losses or the defendant’s profits. If it’s looking for X/Twitter’s profits, it might struggle.

— Mat Smith

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