The OnePlus 11 Concept phone includes PC-like liquid cooling

The experimental project may hint at future phone designs.


After a wave of teasers, OnePlus has revealed its latest experimental phone — and this time the features are more practical than in the past. The OnePlus 11 Concept centers on "Active CryoFlux" liquid cooling that mimics what you see in some gaming PCs. The system uses a piezoelectric ceramic micropump to send cooling fluid throughout pipelines in the phone (visible on the outside) without "significantly" increasing the phone's bulk.

The result is a slight but tangible performance improvement, OnePlus claims. The company says the temperature drop boosts games by up to three to four frames per second, and reduces charging times by 30 to 45 seconds. Those figures won't have you rushing to replace your existing phone, but may help wring the full potential out of an upgrade.

After that, the differences versus the standard OnePlus 11 are mostly cosmetic. The conspicuous pipelines and blue LED lighting are the most obvious changes, but you'll also find a camera hump with intricate guilloché engraving similar to what you'd find on the dial of a luxury watch.

The OnePlus 11 Concept won't enter production. However, it won't be surprising if the liquid cooling and design techniques find their way to future phones. No, this won't match the raw cooling power found in high-end gaming phones, but it might make OnePlus more enticing if you want above-average speed without carrying a brick in your pocket.