The Pointer Instrument: Computer mouse, redefined.

The Pointer Instrument by Lunar Artefacts is a leather computer mouse framed with a solid metal base, tailored to perform a lifetime and age with style.

Lunar Artefacts

Lunar Artefacts is a London based product design and development company, aspiring to redefine conventional gadgets into imaginative, high-quality masterpieces and bridge the gap between eloquent design and contemporary techniques.

With the first flagship product recently launched, Lunar Artefacts is determined to change a false perception that all gadgets are destined for a short existence in a society where over-consumption is the current standard. They believe virtuous designs should be timeless, hence why they should be designed to last.

Lunar Artefacts became a pioneer of success in the technology sector for developing infinitely repairable gadgets with replaceable details. The company is taking a different approach to sustainability in comparison with most brands, by selecting materials based on a balance of functionality, durability and their ability to age gracefully.

Lunar Artefacts journey began with the most underappreciated gadget: a computer mouse. The team desired to create a unique device: practical, faultlessly designed and infinitely repairable. After 18 months of planning, prototyping, testing and refining — the unconventional computer mouse was finally completed: The Pointer Instrument — a fusion of art and precise engineering.

The Pointer Instrument by Lunar Artefacts
Lunar Artefacts

Scrupulously designed inside and out, with main components being replaceable and repairable, the Pointer is developed to serve a lifetime. Drawing visionary inspirations from the artistry of automotive lines, from the haunches of a Corvette Stingray to the intake scoops of a Lotus 72D, the Pointer Instrument creators were determined to find a perfect balance between striking design and advanced technical functions.

Lunar Artefacts dared to be original by merging ingredients that are rarely used in gadget manufacture. The Pointer is made from solid metals, topped with full-grain calf leather and finished with equestrian-inspired stitching. This peculiar combination of leather and metals is flawlessly contrasting, yet complimenting.

French calf leather is sourced from a prestigious tannery with a long heritage in sustainable leather production and supplies to some of the world’s first-class brands. Genuine leather is well known for perseverance and robustness, but at the same time in contact with human skin, it allows it to breathe. As the leather allows air to circulate, hands are staying pleasant and dry, even after long hours of performance. With time passing by, premium leather records the influence of the owner, slowly deepening the colors and gradually adding a layer of own personality.

The shells of the Pointer Instrument are made from solid metals: brass or aluminium. The base is hand-polished with minimal treatment, allowing the natural aging process to advance. Brass was chosen for its remarkable aging properties, but aluminium, being an incredibly lightweight material, was chosen for ease of maintenance and stress-free polishing process. The classic brass shell weighs 200 grams, made for those who enjoy a little weight in their swing. The luminous aluminium shell weighs 125 grams, for those who prefer a lighter touch.

The Pointer Instrument is indeed a very beautiful chef-d'oeuvre, but it is also a practical tool that supports the hand in its most relaxed position. The Pointer instrument is designed to follow the natural arch of the hand, providing a perfect surface angle — instead of simply holding the mouse, a palm is comfortably resting on the surface. To elevate the ergonomics, the brand developed nylon accessory grips, compatible with a variety of hand postures, providing an exceptional level of support. Lunar Artefacts will continue to complement the accessory line with a variety of support add-ons.

Dedicating their equal attention to the interior and exterior designs, Lunar Artefacts also questioned every decision made towards the technical specifications. To maximise flexibility and allow easy connection the Pointer is supplemented with three connection modes: 2.4G dongle, Bluetooth 5.0 and cable connection. Replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery and embedded charging coil enable dual charging compatible with wireless Qi. Built-in hardware allows future software upgrades such as NFC quick connect, customisation and plug-in accessories including additional buttons.

The Pointer Instrument by Lunar Artefacts
Lunar Artefacts

Compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows and Android operation systems, the Pointer Instrument also includes a Track on Glass sensor: Pixar PAW 3805. This powerful sensor allows the Pointer to be used on almost any surfaces including mirror finish and clear glass with 5mm thickness. The high-end mouse also features solderless Japanese Omron switches. Their unique plug and play properties make any potential replacement hassle-free thus vastly extending the life span of the mouse.

After The Pointer's introduction, Lunar Artefacts continue to inspire those who share their passion for artisanship and design, therefore to accompany the mouse they developed another minimalistic piece of art: The Podium Mouse Pad. 3mm thick, the Podium Mouse Pad reaches a perfect balance between a delicate cushion and a dense base, which makes it well-suited for every user. The smooth and supple top layer is fashioned from the finest full-grain calf, the premier genuine leather infill ensures long-lasting firmness, and the plush microfiber suede base performs as a slip-resistant layer for additional stability. Each layer of The Podium Mouse Pad creates a floating surface for the Pointer Instrument to glide, allowing hours of restful performance. Designed to become a perfect match for the mouse, the D-shape mouse pad echoes the shape of the Pointer Instrument, making this set a stunning addition for any desktop.

With the successful launch of new products, the British brand is determined to develop other inspirational devices. Currently, the designer team is working on the wireless charger and mechanical keyboard, which will complement the Lunar Artefacts collection later this year.

Discover the Pointer Instrument collection at the Lunar Artefacts web store.