The PS5's Game Help feature will start sourcing videos from other players

Community Game Help should roll out in the next few months.


Game Help, which provides developer-created tips and videos to help you progress without leaving the game, has been a staple of players' PlayStation 5 experience since it launched in 2020. Now, Sony has announced Community Game Help, an expansion of the feature allowing you to view hint videos of other users' gameplay across select titles.

Community tips will be accessible in the same way as Game Help: click the PS button, launch the Control Center, and find an Action Card labeled "Hints Inside." Any card with gamer videos will have a Community Game Help label. In addition to using these tips, Sony encourages players to rate how helpful each tip is to inform which videos will show up in the future.

You can opt-in or out of allowing Sony to use clips from your gameplay as hints for other players. If you choose to share, then Sony will automatically capture videos while you play certain parts of a game. However, any streaming or other personal info appearing on your screen won't be shown in the shared videos. You should also receive a notification if Sony shares your gameplay as a hint. Moderators will reportedly sort through all the videos and determine which should be included in the Community Game Help cards — though the feature won't be available for another few months.