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The Razer Stream Controller is down to its all-time low price

A 26 percent discount brings it down to $200.


Streaming can be an art form in its own right and made all the more enjoyable with the proper tools — though they don't always come cheap. That's why the 26 percent discount currently running on the Razer Stream Controller is so exciting. The sale brings the all-in-one keypad down from $270 to $200 — a return to its record-low price.

Razor launched its Stream Controller back in 2022 as a competitor to Elgato's Stream Deck — albeit at a much higher price point. To be fair, the device offers quite a lot for the cost, including 12 haptic switchblade keys, six tactile analog dials and eight programmable buttons. The haptic switchblade keys have customizable icons and, of course, have adjustable haptic feedback. The tactile analog dials control audio levels and the programmable buttons can make regular actions all the more accessible — and speedy.

The Razor Stream Controller works with Mac or PC and has integrated support for platforms like Discord, Twitch and Spotify. It's also good for any artists looking for a new creative device, as it works with Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator and more.

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