The Roomba j7+ vacuum hits new all-time low in iRobot's Cyber Monday sale

The latest robo-vacs are $200 off, while other models are up to 42 percent off.


The holiday shopping season is one of the best times of year to look for a new vacuum — robotic or not. We've seen numerous models go on sale before and during Black Friday, and now a new Cyber Monday sale has knocked iRobot devices down to new record lows. Key among them are the new poop-detecting j7 duo of robot vacuums, both of which are $200 off. The Roomba j7 has dropped to $449 while the j7+, which comes with a clean base, is down to $649. Those prices are being matched at Best Buy and Wellbots, too.

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"Poop-detecting" might sound gimmicky, but these robot vacuums have new AI-driven computer vision technology that helps them detect obstacles as they clean so they can move around them. That means, instead of bumping into chair legs and tables, these machines will do a better job of cleaning around those permanent fixtures in your home — and they'll more easily avoid surprise hazards like pet poop. And if your new robo-vac doesn't avoid your pet's latest mess, iRobot's Pet Owner Official Promise (yes, P.O.O.P.) ensures that you'll get a new vacuum if such a disaster happens within your first year of ownership.

Otherwise, the j7 devices are higher-end Roombas, so they have features like dual multi-surface rubber brushes and Imprint Smart Mapping, which lets you control which rooms the robot cleans. The biggest difference between the j7 and the j7+ is the inclusion of the clean base on the latter. When it returns home to charge, the j7+ will automatically empty its bin into the clean base and you'll only have to empty the base about once every two months.

A number of more affordable Roombas are included in the sale, too, like the Roomba 694, which remains on sale for $179. This is one of our favorite budget robot vacuums thanks to its good cleaning abilities and easy to use mobile app. You can also get the top-of-the-line Roomba, the s9+, with the Braava Jet mopping robot for over $450 off, bringing it down to $1,299.

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