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The second-gen Apple Pencil is once again on sale for $85

That matches the lowest price we've seen for the stylus to date.

Photo by Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

The second-gen Apple Pencil is one of the best iPad accessories around, especially for those who do creative work or like to write out notes on their tablet. Best of all, it’s once again on sale. You can pick up the latest Apple Pencil now for $85. That matches a record low and it's $44 off the regular price.

The Apple Pencil is a useful stylus for those who like to draw or take notes on their iPad.
$85 at Amazon

The stylus has a double-tap feature that enables you to quickly switch between tools. Low latency is useful as well, especially if you're trying to quickly sketch out an idea. Other functions include tilt capabilities and pressure sensitivity. If you have the latest M2-powered iPad Pro, you'll also be able to take advantage of a Hover feature. This allows you to hold the Pencil just above the screen and see a preview of what will happen before you actually make changes to your design or document by touching the display with the stylus.

Being able to attach the Apple Pencil to the side of your tablet magnetically is both a neat touch and a convenient way to charge it — you won't have to futz around with yet another charging cable. Most importantly, before you buy the peripheral, make sure it’s actually compatible with your iPad.

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