The studio behind ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ is making a new game for Netflix

‘Laya’s Horizon’ will be free for Netflix subscribers to download and play.


The small development studio behind mobile standouts Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey is teasing its next game. Laya’s Horizon will be a Netflix Games title from indie studio Snowman, known for the satisfyingly addictive gameplay of the Alto series.

The brief trailer showcases a game world on a seaside landscape. The scenery could easily be a lower-poly version of Breath of the Wild, as the camera pans back to reveal windmills, hot-air balloons and jagged cliffs. Ultimately, we glimpse a person in a cape or flying suit perched atop the landscape who we can only assume is the playable protagonist.

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything about Laya’s Horizon gameplay or its release date. However, a description reads, “A whole new world is just beyond the horizon…” In addition, a representative for Snowman told Engadget, “While we’re not quite ready to share details about the game yet, we can say that it’s an entirely new IP and something we’ve been working on for a long time.”

Netflix’s unconventional move into mobile gaming has spawned a quality library of over 40 Android and iOS games, none including ads or microtransactions. The games are all free to download and play for subscribers.