'The Witcher' season 3 trailer shows Henry Cavill's last stint as Geralt

The two-part season starts June 29th.


Netflix is offering a peek at Henry Cavill's final turn as Geralt of Rivia. The streaming service has posted a teaser trailer for The Witcher season three that showcases Cavill as the White Wolf. There's precious little story in the clip. However, Geralt is now worried enough to know real fear, and it's clear Ciri and Yennifer have even more to worry about.

As with Stranger Things season four, Netflix is splitting The Witcher's third run into two parts. A first volume premieres June 29th, while you'll have to wait until July 27th to see the rest. That's not entirely voluntary. As show creator Lauren Schmidt Hissirch told Collider in an interview this December, there was a possibility the challenges of producing visual effects would require dividing the season.

It may be a bittersweet season for fans. Cavill is known to be a fan of all things Witcher (both the novels and the games), and many seem him as synonymous with the on-screen representation of Geralt. Liam Hemsworth is set to replace Cavill in season four. It's too soon to say how well Hemsworth will fare, but it's safe to presume he'll bring something different to the role.

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