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The Xbox Series S is $50 off right now

That's the lowest price we've seen yet for Black Friday Xbox deals.

Aaron Souppouris / Engadget

The Xbox Series S doesn't see a lot of discounts, but right now Adorama has knocked $50 off the sticker price, which is the lowest we're seeing anywhere. We originally saw this as Adorama's deal of the day last Friday and added it to our weekly deals recap. For those of us who may have slept on it, they still have units left at the $250 price.

We reviewed the Series S when it came out, calling it the next-gen starter pack. Even though it doesn't support gameplay in 4K, it still plays incredibly smoothly. And the console itself is downright adorable. Thanks to the FPS boost technology added to the Series S and X, older games, including many made for Xbox One, will look and perform better with faster frame rates.

Buy Xbox Series S at Adorama - $250

Unlike the Series X, which as far as we know hasn't budged from its $500 list price, the Series S only plays digital titles, with no slot to insert physical game media. Microsoft is likely counting on most people going for an Xbox Game Pass membership, currently $10 per month for the Console tier, and $15 per month for the Ultimate tier. Either level unlocks a library with hundreds of game to download and play, sort of like Netflix for games. Memberships also grant discounts to many of the titles you might want to buy outright.

Another caveat to note when comparing the Series X and S, is the Series S has less SSD storage, with 512GB on-board, compared to the 1TB of storage you get with the Series X. If you like to keep lots of titles on hand, without having to delete, you'll have to weigh that preference against the price of the Series X. Seagate does make an expansion card built specifically for the Xbox Series X/S, but at $200, you end up losing most of the money you saved buying the cheaper console.

Despite any caveats, we found the performance impressive and loved the look of the physical box. For casual console gamers, it's a great option. Especially when you consider all you'll get out of backward-compatible games from the Game Pass library. If you've been waiting for a discount before you dive in, this is the best deal we've found.

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