The TheraFace Pro gently punches your face to help you relax

It also offers LED, microcurrent and thermal therapies.


Therabody, best known as the maker of Theragun percussive recovery devices, is launching its first product for your face. The company unveiled the $399 TheraFace Pro, which offers a mix of functions, including percussive, light and microcurrent therapies. It can also provide cryothermal treatment, which the company said can help reduce tension, relax muscles and “[address] discomfort related to migraines, headaches, and jaw pain.”

Therabody says the TheraFace is FDA-cleared, which is different from approved, as it simply requires the company to provide evidence that the device is substantially similar to a previously cleared or approved product.

Still, according to the two listings for TheraFace in the FDA database, it’s cleared for “wrinkle reduction” and “pain relief.” Now, I haven’t experienced any headaches or jaw pain in the days I’ve had a sample unit of the TheraFace Pro, so I can’t tell you how effective it is at relieving pain. I’m also blessed to have no obvious wrinkles (yet), so I can’t vouch for the device’s ability to reduce them.

The bundle I received came with a tube of the company’s TheraOne “conductive gel,” which you’re supposed to use like a typical rinse-off mask (even though it sounds like it will electrocute your face). The handheld device is about the size of an electric razor, except that it has a bulbous top with interchangeable attachments.

The TheraFace Pro and its accompanying attachments, charging cable and carrying case.

Two magnetic heads were included: one with a light ring and one with two metal knobs. The latter is for applying and rubbing a mask all over your face, and, with microcurrents, the company said it’ll also tighten your skin and improve muscle tone and contour in the face/neck. There were also three attachments that connect to the percussive part of the machine that gently punch your face.

That might sound weird but it’s exactly what the TheraFace does. It’s basically a mini Theragun that’s a lot less intense. Even at the highest of its three intensity settings, the TheraFace never felt like it was going to leave a bruise, and I did feel an odd sense of calm during the massage.

Therabody said the idea for this feature came in part from customers who “shared anecdotes about using Theragun on their faces — which is not recommended.” The company combined its percussive technology with other modes “to address the face’s more than 40 muscles,” adding cleansing brushes, LED light and microcurrent therapies. The company also says the TheraFace is “the first device to combine a deep cleansing apparatus with percussive therapy.” My kit also came with hot and cold rings for thermal treatments.

A close-up of the TheraFace Pro with the ring light attachment hovering over its motor.

You can use the three buttons on the handle to turn the device on, select vibration strengths or cycle through LED colors: red, blue or red and infrared. A small screen shows a simple menu that is hard to understand without Therabody’s guide as a reference. The options also vary depending on the attachment you’ve snapped on. TheraFace’s magnets are strong and secure, though sometimes putting the rings on can be a little tricky because the magnets in the middle want to repel them. I also appreciate that the machine charges via USB-C.

Though I haven’t used the TheraFace long enough to see any results, the company says it conducted a (very small) clinical study “with 35 US-based participants ranging from ages 25 to 61, presenting all skin types and self-perceived signs of uneven skin tone, lack of elasticity, lines and wrinkles, or a dull complexion.” For 12 weeks, the participants used the TheraFace either six minutes six days a week or 45 minutes once a week. According to Therabody, the vast majority of participants reported feeling like their skin looked healthier, had a decrease in wrinkles and noticed improvements in radiance, muscle tone and skin tightness.

I’m not sure how well the TheraFace Pro will address my skin concerns just yet, but as a face massager it’s certainly effective. For $399, this is a well-made device with a comprehensive range of features. Remember, though, that if you want the hot and cold rings, they’ll cost you an extra $99. That’s a fairly expensive package, but in the emerging beauty tech market, it’s a unique combination that might just cater to all your facial needs.

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