ThermoWorks' latest Thermapen can measure food temperature in under one second

You can spend more time... well, cooking.


We've pointed to ThermoWorks' thermometers before as ideal grilling companions, but having to wait a few seconds can still be frustrating if you're eager to get back to preparing your meal. Thankfully, you won't have to be quite so patient going forward. ThermoWorks has introduced a Thermapen One thermometer that provides a reading in less than one second — it'll probably be done by the time you're ready to look. The company claims it's still accurate to within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit, too, so you should know if your roast is on the right track.

The Thermapen One still includes the features we considered helpful in our gift guides, including an auto-rotating, auto-waking display and an IP67 housing that should keep the unit dry even if rain sours your backyard barbecue. You'll get a brighter automatic backlight, though, and an easier-to-access battery housing lets you quickly swap AAA batteries when you're eager to get back to cooking.

You can buy the Thermapen One in ten colors today for $105, although it won't ship until July — sorry, it won't arrive in time for your Independence Day (or Canada Day) shindig. Still, it'll be available early enough that it might improve most of your summer cookouts.

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