'Elden Ring' is getting the Game Boy demake treatment

A demo captures the spirit of the game and that 8-bit '90s Game Boy nostalgia.

shintendo on YouTube

Elden Ring is famous for its rich open world, but it just got turned into an 8-bit rolling adventure demake that's... kind of amazing? It was created by Reddit user Shintendo, who showed off an early demo set in Elden Ring's Chapel of Anticipation. There, a Tarnished faces off against the infamous Grafted Scion boss (and loses, again). Gameplay is still pretty rough, but it captures the spirit of the game along with the nostalgic feels of the Game Boy era.

The rolling animation style is a chef's kiss, with the main character doing adorable little rolls through terrain just like in the big game. Meanwhile, the "press B button to attack" and other screens prompts are pure Game Boy callbacks. It also captures the battle style from iconic GB titles like Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Shintendo explained that the demake was created using GB Studio 3.0 and said that it would be playable on real hardware. He's aiming to release a demo by the end of May on, the same storefront that hosts the Bloodborne PC demake that reimagines the game as a PS1 title.