'Ratatouille' musical made by TikTok creators will stream on January 1st

TikTok's musical theater fans spawned the idea in just a few short months.


Thanks to a bunch of TikTok creators, Pixar’s Ratatouille will make its bow as a Broadway-style musical. Broadway’s Seaview Productions has announced that it will present a streaming concert-style presentation of Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical as a New Year’s Day benefit for the Actor’s Fund, according to PlayBill.

Considering that there has never been a Ratatouille musical, where is this coming from? Over the last couple of months, some talented TikTok creators and musical theater fans have written, produced and performed songs for an imaginary musical based on Pixar’s popular 2007 animated film.

The idea was first born from a video created by Em Jaccs (@e_jaccs) called Ode to Remy. That got noticed by composer and arranger Daniel Mertzlufft, who created an orchestral score around it with inspiration from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and other Disney musicals. Other creators with time on their hands due to the COVID-19 lockdown soon created specific songs for different characters, and the idea for Ratatouille: The Musical took on a life of its own.

Eventually, some Broadway personalities including actor Andrew Barth Feldman joined the fun, and the Disney Channel’s Milo Manheim contributed Ratatouille Rap at Disney World with Disney’s blessing. Seaview eventually came in and announced that it would present a ticketed digital event produced with TikTok and TodayTix Presents.

It’s not clear yet who will star in the production, but the producers are promising more details at a later date. Tickets for Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical are now on sale for $5 to $50, with proceeds benefiting the Actors Fund.

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