TikTok is changing how it pays filter creators

Eligibility requirements will be lower, but so might potential payouts.

Franck / Unsplash

TikTok is making changes to its Effect Creator Rewards program. In a recent blog post, TikTok outlined the upcoming changes, which will include a lower threshold to join, and a new payment structure.

The Effect Creator Rewards program was first announced in May with roughly $6 million set aside to pay the creators of effects and filters. Prior to the program's launch creators were essentially making filters, mini games and more for little to no reward — despite being integral to the success of the platform. Creators were previously required to have their filters used in at least 500,000 videos. That threshold has now been lowered, requiring creators to have just five filters published on the platform with at least three of them being used in 1,000 videos. This may open up the program to smaller creators.

The program will also expand geographically. Creators in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam are now eligible. While this is a step towards more inclusivity, there's no indication of when the program may become open globally.

TikTok went on to announce it would be taking a new approach to payouts. Under the new rules, the pay rate will now be variable instead of a flat fee for all creators. TikTok says the payment each creator receives will be based on a few things, such as "the region where the video was created.” As of right now, it remains unclear whether this will be a good or bad thing for creators. If TikTok takes local cost of living into account, we could see creators in the United States pocketing a proportionally larger amount of the $6 million fund more than those in developing nations for the same amount of effort.We've reached out to TikTok for additional details on how the new pay structure will work and will up update if we hear back.

Update, October 12 2023, 9:00AM ET: Reached for comment, a TikTok spokesperson clarified that "we consider multiple factors that may change over time, with region currently being the primary factor. Region plays a role as rewards are based on the revenue generated from user engagement in each country." They also noted that while $6 million represents the initial investment and "may increase as we run the program and gather feedback from creators."