TikTok users will soon have an easier way to add popular GIFs

The TikTok Library will feature clips from TV shows that you can use too.


TikTok users will soon have even more ways to make their videos stand out from the crowd. The service has announced the TikTok Library, which will grant creators access to more entertainment-based content. You'll be able to find GIFs, clips from your favorite TV shows, memes and other content, which you can slot into your TikToks.

Although there are already ways to insert GIFs from Giphy into TikTok videos, it should be easier to do that once you have access to the library. Until now, Giphy GIFs have been available as Stickers and via the Green Screen effect. At the outset, the TikTok Library will also include Giphy Clips, which are essentially GIFs with audio. The initial collection will feature reaction clips, quotes, famous faces and "iconic moments," which may or may not include certain award show incidents.

TikTok will start testing the Library in some markets on Android today and on iOS next week. It plans to expand the tool to more people in the coming weeks.

Once the feature is available, you'll be able to access it by tapping the new Library icon on the sidebar. After you find something you want to add to your video, you can trim it to a specific length and then keep building your TikTok from the shoot page.

TikTok Library