TikTok may have generative AI avatars soon

You can submit up to 10 photos and choose from five different styles.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

TikTok may soon let you create AI stylized avatars not unlike what you can with deep learning apps like Midjourney or Lensa, according to a Twitter thread from social media guru Matt Navarra seen by The Verge. Called AI Avatars, the tool lets you upload three to 10 photos of yourself and choose from five art styles. It will then generate up to 30 separate avatars in a couple of minutes. You can then download one, several or all of the images to use as a profile picture or in stories.

Though the styles are more limited than what you can get on Lensa, the results look pretty good — so the feature is bound to be popular. Likely for that reason, TikTok will only let you use it once a day to presumably avoid overloading servers.

TikTok may have generative AI avatars soon
Matt Navara

Though generative AI images seem like harmless fun, they're not without some controversy. For both Lensa and Midjourney, artists have complained that the AI has sampled their work and borrowed from it a bit too liberally at times. And earlier this year, Getty launched a lawsuit against Stable Diffusion claiming it was scraping its data to generate art.