TikTok rolls out a Guardian's Guide to help parents understand the platform

The TikTok Safety Center is also receiving a spit-shine.


TikTok has revamped its Safety Center and published the Guardian's Guide, a resource that breaks down how the app works and outlines best practices for keeping users safe. It's aimed at parents and caregivers, and describes features like Family Pairing, which lets guardians manage a teen's account, including setting restrictions on screen time, search and direct messages.

The TikTok Safety Center has also rolled out a lineup of fresh articles about privacy, security and bullying. The Bullying Prevention Guide is a new resource that TikTok's US Content Advisory Council developed in partnership with the Cyberbullying Research Center, Net Family News and other organizations. It offers tips on identifying bullying behavior, ways to prevent harassment on the platform, and where victims can find help.

TikTok has made a few moves in recent months against bullying and harassment on the platform, including the addition of prompts designed to discourage rude messages before they go live.