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Tribit's powerful Bluetooth speakers are up to 52 percent off right now

Buy the MaxSound Plus waterproof Bluetooth speaker for just $48 (52 percent off).


There are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but if you're looking for something that not only has big sound but is IPX7 waterproof, your choices dwindle considerably. One company that does both of those things is Tribit, and some of its best products are on sale for up to 52 percent off at Amazon. Deals can be found on the 16W XSound Go ($30 or 41 percent off), StormBox Micro 2 ($47 instead of $70) and MaxSound Plus, now on sale for $48 or a full 52 percent off.

We like this compact speaker for its strong volume and its rear strap that lets you attach it its belts, backpacks and more.
$60 at Amazon

First on the list is the Tribit StormBox Micro 2, appearing perennially on best Bluetooth speaker lists including our own for 2022. It doesn’t stand out in terms of fidelity, but it pumps out copious amounts of volume. It's also very portable, and the rear strap easily attaches to things like belts, backpacks and bike handlebars. It doubles as a USB-C powerbank to charge your devices in a pinch and you can wirelessly connect two for party mode or stereo sound. It supports both iOS and Android, has 12 hours of battery life and is IP67 waterproof — all for just $47 (32 percent off).

If you want to spend the bare minimum without cutting corners, the Tribit XSound Go ($30, or 41 percent off) is a great choice. Its sound is clearer and louder than other budget Bluetooth speakers and it's small enough to slip into a laptop bag. It offers 10 hours on a charge and is IPX7-rated, so it can survive a half-hour dunking in three feet of water.

Finally, there's the Tribit MaxSound Plus ($48, or 52 percent off). As the name suggests, it's exceptionally loud with 24W of power, while offering driving bass, adjustable EQ and more. You also get an exceptional 20 hours of battery life and again, that IPX7 waterproof rating. Tribit is also offering discounts on wireless earbuds, kids headphones, shower speakers and more.

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