TweetDeck's new name is 'XPro'

The change comes after Twitter was renamed to "X" in July.


TweetDeck has started showing signs that it will not escape Twitter's massive rebranding unscathed. If you take a look at the tool's landing page while logged out, you'll see "XPro" on the upper left corner of the website, indicating its new name. That's pretty much it at the moment, though — the page still shows the iconic Twitter bird logo, and it still calls TweetDeck a "powerful, real-time tool for people who live on Twitter." And, yes, its URL is still on the domain.

Twitter's rebranding to "X" hit us overnight quite literally in July, with Elon Musk announcing the change in a tweet and then, reportedly, emailing his employees about it afterward. The social network started implementing changes after that by swapping out the Twitter bird with a generic-looking "X" logo, which will apparently "evolve over time," as well as renaming tweets to "posts" and retweets to "reposts." Google and Apple both relisted the social network's app as "X" on the Play Store and the App Store, respectively, by the end of July.

The move, while sudden, perhaps didn't come as a surprise for those who've followed Musk's career over the years. Musk is known for favoring the "X" branding and had wanted to rename PayPal to before he was ousted as CEO. The executive also renamed Twitter's parent company to X Corp. He said the social network's new name will help it branch out and become an "everything app" with payments and banking features. But critics are doubting the rebranding's success, with some calling it "the dumbest thing [Musk has] done since taking over" and something that now makes the company less identifiable and less valuable.

Despite the criticisms, the erasure of the Twitter brand is now well underway. TweetDeck will not remain TweetDeck for very long, and it also won't be free to use in the near future. The company has previously noted that it will be locked behind a paywall and will be exclusively available to Blue subscribers.

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