Twitch launches a dedicated home for its animal livestreams

'Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos' has all the fuzzy joy you need.


As part of Animal Week, Twitch has launched a new category called Animals, Aquariums and Zoos that groups animal livestreams all in one place. There, you'll find streams of furry/feathered creatures from zoos, conservation habitats and private owners that were previously spread across categories like Travel & Outdoors, Music and Pools, and even ASMR.

The new space sounds like a perfect antidote other, more stressful Twitch offerings. Some sample streams include an otter enclosure, wolf den, barn owl breeding habitat and, of course, numerous kitties, doggos, ducks and bunnies. On top of the live channels, you can see numerous videos and short highlight clips, since the otters or owls might be sleeping on the livestream — though even that can be adorable.

Some of the streams are even interactive, in that you can feed ducks or change turtle habitat lighting by donating Twitch's Bits currency. If you're okay something more direct, Twitch also launched some emotes available across channels that can also be unlocked with Bits. All of this could help get resources to conservation and other organizations that need it — it seems a fair trade for some calming, adorable and life-affirming content.