Twitch will charge you $100 to pin your chat message for 2.5 minutes

The website's new experimental feature will highlight a viewer's message if they're willing to pay for it.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Twitch is testing a new feature that gives viewers a way to make sure their favorite streamer (and their fellow fans) can see their message in the chatbox. The livestreaming platform has given select channels access to an experimental feature called "Elevated Chat," which pins a viewer's message for visibility if they're willing to pay for it. Similar to YouTube's Super Chat, the more people pay, the longer their message stays highlighted. A payment of $5 will elevate their message for 30 seconds, while $10 will get them a minute. If they want 1.5 minutes, they'll have to pay $25. Two minutes? That's $50. And if they want their message to stay highlighted for 2.5 minutes, they better be prepared to pay $100 for it.

Paying $100 on YouTube's Super Chat is typically enough to highlight a message for an hour. That said, while the features are similar, their implementations aren't exactly the same. YouTube adds markers to the top of the chatbox for each Super Chat, and clicking on them will take viewers to the donor's message. Meanwhile, Twitch is testing two potential locations for elevated chats. Streamers who've been chosen to participate will see the highlighted messages appear either at the top of the chatbox or at the bottom of the video. Also, it sounds like there can only be one highlighted message at a time, since Twitch said in the feature's support page that viewers will enter a queue if multiple people pay for elevated chats at the same time.


Of course, $100 for 2.5 minutes of visibility sounds pretty outrageous no matter what — especially if you can just pay for five 30-second elevated messages for $25. The experiment will last for four weeks, after which Twitch will likely look at data from the test to decide whether to give the feature a wider rollout.