Twitch now sells virtual gift cards

Give the gift of Twitch.


Twitch is getting in on gift cards. Available in denominations of $25, $50, $100 and $200 (and multiples thereof), the new digital gift cards can be sent to your Twitch-loving pals (or yourself) via email or text message and used to pay for pretty much anything on the platform. Get a streamer-supporting subscription from $5, buy interactive community Bits from $1.40 or go ad-free with Turbo for $9 a month.

The cards come with a range of messages, from “Happy Graduation” to “Thank you” — or you can opt for the plain Twitch logo — and once they’ve been redeemed will automatically be applied to any purchases made on the website. As long as the receiving account is active, they’ll never expire, and you don’t need a stored payment method in place to use the balance of a gift card, which makes them particularly handy for parents that want to keep tabs on their kids’ online spending (although if a purchase adds up to more than the available funds the recipient will be prompted to add one). At this stage they’re only available for use in the US, but Twitch says it’s working on rolling them out globally soon. Get them here.