Twitch will shut down its live karaoke game on January 1st

It has released 400 new songs fans can enjoy until that day.


Twitch Sings will bid karaoke fans farewell after 2020. The Amazon subsidiary has announced that it’s shutting down the live karaoke game on January 1st, 2021, less than two years after it was officially launched. In its announcement, Twitch says it decided to close the platform to “invest in broader tools and services that will help support and grow the entire music community on Twitch.”

Streamers can play Twitch Sings by choosing one of the game’s available songs, giving their fans the power to choose what they should sing or asking friends or fans to join them for duets. As PC Gamer notes, though, the Twitch Sings channel only has 161,000 followers, even though the Music category it’s under has 3.6 million. It sounds like the platform decided to redirect its resources, because the game wasn’t exactly contributing to its growth in the music department.

Before Twitch officially pulls the game, it’s giving loyal fans a treat — something to keep them singing until New Years Day. It has released its entire backlog of songs, which means streamers have 400 new ones to choose from. The company will start removing Sings videos and clips on December 1st “per [its] contractual obligations,” but the game itself will only stop working on January 1st. After that, all remaining on-demand videos, including past broadcasts, clips and highlights, will be gone from the platform.