Twitter faces another global outage

People's timelines are acting wonky on mobile and desktop.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

The DownDetector pages for Twitter are exploding in activity — again — and users are sharing that the social network seems to be broken for them. Over the past couple of hours, thousands of users reported issues accessing and seeing just a "Welcome to Twitter" message in their timeline with zero tweets. Other have said their Android and iOS timelines remained stuck in the past.

Twitter's Support account has yet to issue a statement, but some parts of the website are working just fine. Users can still tweet if they want to, or read and respond to their notifications. Weirdly, Tweetdeck appears to be unaffected.

The outage comes shortly after the company reportedly laid off more employees. According to various sources, Twitter released around 200 people on Saturday night, a week after the company's Slack was taken offline. Twitter Blue head Esther Crawford is believed to be one of the affected personnel. It's unclear at the moment if the layoffs have anything to do with the outage, but since Twitter has no PR team, we'll have to wait for the company to issue a statement.

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