Twitter is rolling out full-size image previews on mobile today

What you see is what you get.


The next time someone you follow tweets a single image, you won’t see it cropped on Twitter’s iOS and Android app. Instead, the service will display the picture in its entirety on your timeline, allowing you to see it in its original aspect ratio.

That’s a small but meaningful change to how Twitter has historically done things. Before the company started testing the tweak in March, it cropped all non-16:9 images to maintain timeline uniformity. The previous system sparked controversy last year when some people found the algorithm Twitter had created to automatically crop images was focusing on white faces over Black ones.

The cropping test was one of two trials Twitter started in March. The other gave some users the option to upload images in 4K quality. The company started rolling out that tweak to everyone at the end of last month. Between the two tweaks, the image experience on Twitter has changed significantly over the past month.