Twitter gives all users access to one-time content warnings

You can mark individual tweets for sensitive content.

bombuscreative via Getty Images

You can now attach one-time content warnings to the images and videos you tweet if you didn't have access to the feature in the past. Twitter started testing a feature that gives you a way to add warnings for nudity, violence and other types of sensitive content to each individual post last year. Now, Twitter Support has announced that the feature is available to everyone using its Android and iOS apps, as well as its web interface.

When you apply a warning to an individual tweet, the media you attach to it will look obscured to people viewing it until they opt to view what's behind it. The feature gives you a way to share content that may be upsetting or not appropriate for everyone without having to mark all your tweets as sensitive.

To add a warning to a single tweet, simply click on the flag icon that shows up while you're editing the photo or video you attached and then choose between the nudity, violence and sensitive options. As The Verge notes, you can tag multiple warnings for each attachment, and Twitter will place a single warning over multiple media in a single post.

You can watch Twitter Safety's video on how to access the feature below: