Twitter made a game to explain its privacy policy

Should your privacy be treated like a game?


Twitter has revamped its privacy policy to help you understand how it handles your data, but it's not convinced that's enough. The social network has launched a Data Dash game that it hopes will help you understand the trickier parts of the new policy in simpler terms. At its heart, it's a simple platformer that has you guide your dog Data around unwanted ads (for cats, naturally), navigate through spam DMs and avoid trolls. Complete a level and you'll learn more about Twitter's approach and how you can take control of the experience.

Data Dash won't exactly challenge hardcore gamers, and the mechanics are a bit crude. The 8-bit retro style is cute (if unoriginal), though, and the easy gameplay makes it more likely that you'll learn something rather than give up in frustration.

The biggest issue may simply be the tone. While the game is glib, the issues it's dealing with are potentially serious — we doubt people will enjoy this if they've been targets for harassment or hate speech. Data Dash is more for newcomers and other innocents who want to wrap their heads around privacy concepts before they encounter the sobering reality.