Twitter says its test to get people to read articles before tweeting worked

The company will be making the feature available to everyone.

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Karissa Bell
September 24, 2020 3:19 PM
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Twitter will prompt users to read articles before retweeting them.

Twitter’s experiment that prompted people to read an article before tweeting it out has succeeded in getting more people to read before they tweet, the company said. 

The company has been testing the feature since June, when it first started asking some of its Android users if they wanted to open a link before retweeting it. Twitter now says the prompt has been a success. The experiment has led to more people opening articles, and in some cases opting not to send the retweet after all. 

Twitter says it will soon be pushing the feature out to all its users in an effort to encourage “more informed tweeting.” Once live, Twitter will surface a prompt noting that “headlines don’t tell the full story,” when a user retweets a link they haven’t opened in the app. 

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