Twitter replaces 'Super Follows' with 'Subscriptions'

Elon Musk said the company won't take a cut of creators' earnings for the first year.


Twitter creators who want to make money on the platform will now turn to Subscriptions, not Super Follows, in a rebrand announced by Elon Musk. Twitter originally introduced Super Follows in 2021 as a way for creators to charge for exclusive tweets. Now, subscriptions also include long-form content (thanks to those extra-long tweets) as well as “hours long videos,” according to Musk.

But the details of the program seem to be largely unchanged from Super Follows. Creators can charge $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 a month, with exclusive content including subscriber-only chats in Twitter Spaces, as well as special badges for paid subscribers. Interestingly, as The Verge, points out, a help page says that “we hope to include newsletters and other Twitter features as potential bonus content.” That’s notable given Musk’s recent feud with Substack as well as because he shut down Revue, the newsletter platform Twitter acquired in 2021, soon after taking over as CEO.

Super Follows never seemed to gain much traction, even before Musk took over Twitter. Now, it seems he’s trying to lure creators with more favorable terms, at least initially. He said that Twitter would not be taking an additional cut of creators’ earnings from Subscriptions “for the next 12 months.” Instead, creators can expect 70 percent of their earnings from mobile and about 92 percent from web-based subscriptions, which should account for all revenue after app store and payment processing fees. (A Google spokesperson pointed out that the Play Store now only takes 15 percent from in-app subscriptions. It's unclear what this means for Twitter's creators as the company now responds to press queries with a poop emoji.) “We will also help promote your work,” Musk said, though he didn’t elaborate on what that would entail.

Updated with additional info on Google's subscription fees.