Twitter resumes taking public verification requests

You can once more seek the blue badge.

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Twitter on an Android phone
Akshar Dave on Unsplash

Twitter's stop-start public verifications have started again. The Verge notes the social network is once more accepting verification requests, giving many people a chance at the coveted blue badge. The company reopened public verification in May after leaving it dormant for years, but shut it down again roughly a week later after it was "rolling" in requests.

It's not clear how much longer requests will remain open, so you might want to act quickly if that checkmark near your name will mean something.

Just don't assume you'll get one. While anyone can apply, Twitter is focused on verifying "influential individuals" who are more likely to worry about impostors. This includes government officials, companies, the media, entertainment figures, sports personalities (including eSports), activists and other important figures. You may see more verified Twitter users in the future, but they're still likely to be relatively rare.

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