Twitter is testing full-screen ads in Fleets

The company hinted it may bring the ads to other places in its app.


Twitter is testing ads in Fleets, the Instagram Stories-like feature it launched last year. The ads mark the first time Twitter has experimented with the type of full-screen vertical ads that are common throughout apps like Instagram or Snapchat.

Twitter is billing the ads as a way for brands to share the type of content that users are likely used to seeing on Instagram or other platforms. “Fleet ads are a space for brands to be creative: go behind the scenes, have a creator take over your account, or share a hot take,” the company wrote in a blog post.

To start, the new ads are available to just “a handful of advertisers'' and will be visible to a “small group” of US Twitter users. But the company hinted that if the experiment goes well, it may introduce the full-screen ad format elsewhere on Twitter. “We want to understand how this content performs for customers not just for Fleet ads, but for future iterations of full-screen formats on Twitter,” the company said.

The new ads come as Twitter has introduced new ways to monetize its platform. As CNBC points out, the company also began experimenting with shoppable tweets, though that test isn’t available in ad form yet. It’s also working on a $3/month “Twitter Blue” subscription service, and ticketed Spaces, which allows users to sell tickets to audio chats.

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