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Twitter test lets you 'unmention' yourself in tweets

The ability to escape from conversations is limited to some web users.

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Twitter might not have an edit button just yet, but it's still delivering at least one useful feature this week. The social network is now rolling out a previously hinted-at "Unmention" feature that lets you remove yourself from a conversation. The experimental offering is limited to the web for now, but you just have to choose "leave this conversation" from a tweet's options to avoid constant notifications for a chat you never wanted to join.

Unmentioning is available for some people today, Twitter says. It's not clear if or when the feature might be widely available, or when it might reach mobile apps. In its current form, the text for the mention remains — it just doesn't send an alert.

The company has tested or deployed numerous features to keep mentions civil, including an anti-harassment Safety Mode that automatically blocks mean-spirited users. This, however, might be one of the most practical. Twitter users often deal with unwanted mentions from friends, spammers and others. This gives you more control over your participation and lets you focus on the chats you care about.